Gift Acceptance Policy

MoveOn Education Fund must have adequate financial resources to lead game-changing efforts to build a country that works for all of us. In striving to meet this goal, we will seek out or accept only those contributions that are consistent with our values. MoveOn Education Fund accepts donations based on the following principles.


Consistent with MoveOn’s mission

We will solicit and accept support only for projects and activities that are consistent with our mission to empower MoveOn members and educate the public on important issues, including economic inequality, human rights, democracy, gender equity, gun violence, foreign policy, the climate crisis, racial justice, immigrant rights, and more.


Serves our members and the public

Donations or gifts to MoveOn Education Fund must enhance, and shall not impede, our ability to act in service to our members’ values and priorities.



We will never accept any donation that would compromise our independence or give any donor undue influence over our mission or goals.



MoveOn Education Fund believes that disclosure of funding sources is a key to democracy, and we therefore will disclose every contributor to MoveOn Education Fund who gives gifts totaling $5,000 or more in any year, as well as the amount of each such contributor’s gifts.


2023 contributions of $5,000 or greater.

2022 contributions of $5,000 or greater.

2021 contributions of $5,000 or greater.

2020 contributions of $5,000 or greater.

2019 contributions of $5,000 or greater.

2018 contributions of $5,000 or greater.




MoveOn Education Fund exists to empower MoveOn members and educate the public on important national issues. Donations from our supporters are an important source of financial support, and our fundraising efforts will reflect that.



MoveOn Education Fund believes that big money and corporations wield too much influence. We do not accept contributions from for-profit corporations or government entities, from government sources, or from entities formed outside of the U.S.



We will always follow the highest ethical and legal standards regarding solicitation of funds, reporting, and financial management.



MoveOn Education Fund values our members and supporters, and we will always use best practices regarding donor communication and privacy.